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Meaning Of Calendar Feng Shui New Year

Tet calendar has great significance for businesses in gratitude and feng shui customers when hanging indoors in the new year. At the end of the year, the favor of customers of businesses and households is urgently needed. By giving away gifts such as bread rolls, beer, other valuable items … Tet calendar is a top choice for businesses. The following is our analysis of the meaning of Tet calendars and types of calendars

The meaning of Customer Gratitude of Tet Calendar: After 1 year of trading, exchanging between businesses and customers, the gratitude is very necessary that most businesses always focus on gratitude. So Tet calendar is preferred
The meaning of the marketing: besides giving the gratitude as mentioned above, when customers print the New Year calendar with the maket on it, write down the business information that hangs in the customer’s house when customers forget to look. see and remember no need to find from other sources Or advertise to people who do not know the company when you see information will contact the company.
Meaning of feng shui: According to the concept of the Vietnamese people, the calendar in the house will bring good luck and prosperity, and wishes for prosperity, glory, and peace to the family.
Convenience in viewing the date, time and weather: When hanging a calendar in the house, the convenience of the door is huge. It helps us see the lunar calendar day and month as well as the solar calendar. It helps us identify seasons as well as weather forecasts. It also helps us to note the notes about the day of the year.
Types of New Year Calendar that customers often choose
Bloc calendar: 365 days of the year, full of information: lunar calendar, solar day, month, month, year according to the five elements of the universe. See the good days, good times to facilitate the work: opening, leaving, breaking ground, weddings, performing important tasks.
Desk schedule: 12 sheets per sheet per month, Arranged conveniently for weekly viewing, helping people to remember what they did, and plans to do for the week or month, for the year.
Wooden calendars: new high-class calendar with the current market trend, luxurious, classy, ​​durable Wood Calendar that makes a good impression on viewers.
Spring calendar: is a new year calendar pattern with a modern trend, convenient, because there is a folding spring in the middle, convenient in moving gifts. Calendar size when hanging large, clear but folded very neatly during the move. 13-sheet spring calendar has also been developed a lot of beautiful patterns, images, eye-catching colors and elegance.
7-sheet calendar: Used for shops, companies that need to advertise their images and information about products and services, because the calendar size is large, it is easy to see clearly and clearly information.
5-sheet calendar: For customers who need to donate a plural and with a low budget should choose to print 5-sheet calendar, because it can print information clearly, and give it to the mass.
Schedule 1 sheet: Used for shops, electronics centers, schools, individual business households with low budget.
Types of covers